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The Exphoria Code

“She staggered back, firing at Novak. The bullet hit him in the thigh, and he cried out. But his momentum carried him through, falling into her before she could brace herself, and now Bridge fell back, expecting to slam into the wall, but there was no wall, only the empty hole of the shattered window, nothing to stop her from tumbling backwards, out and down...”


“Johnston is a talent to look out for and this, his latest entry into the world of espionage, is a treat.”
Anthony Horowitz

“A crackling fuse-wire of a book... possibly the definitive espionage thriller of the early 21st century.”
Alan Moore


MI6 cyber-analyst Brigitte Sharp has spent three years deskbound and in therapy, traumatised after her very first field op went badly wrong and caused the death of a fellow officer. Despite her boss' encouragement, Bridge isn't ready to go back in the field...

...Until her best friend is murdered, seemingly in connection to a series of strange internet posts. Bridge is forced to go undercover inside a top secret military project to root out a mole — who may also be her friend's killer.

But the truth behind the Exphoria code is worse than anyone imagined, and soon Bridge is on the run, desperate and alone, as a terrorist plot unfolds and threatens everything she has left to live for.

THE EXPHORIA CODE is my first mainstream novel, and begins the Brigitte Sharp series of cutting-edge espionage thrillers. It's published by Lightning Books.

The Exphoria Code, Brigitte Sharp, and all related characters © Antony Johnston.