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WASTELAND #53 goes on sale this week.

‘Breath of Ghosts’ is the first part of the final WASTELAND story arc, and sees the return of Chris Mitten to monthly duties.

It’s the ultimate adventure for Michael and Abi, in every sense of the word. From here it’s full steam ahead to issue #59, before we close out the series with the issue #60 epilogue.

CHRISTOPHER MITTEN RETURNS to draw the concluding story arc of this truly epic saga! Michael, Abi, and Thomas have found The Golden Sea, just as the Oracle predicted. But will it lead them to A-Ree-Yass-I? And if it does, what will they find? Questions will be answered, secrets revealed… and not everyone will get out alive!

You can read a preview of the issue on Comic Book Resources.

WASTELAND #53 is available from all good comic stores, with the order code JAN141262. Digital readers can, as always, buy it from Comixology.


I have a piece in the new book CONVERSATIONS WITH WILLIAM GIBSON, a collection of interviews with one of history’s most vital and important SF authors, published by University Press of Mississippi.

Gibson remains an elusive influence on me; there’s no doubt his books have had an enormous, almost inestimable, impact on my life and work. But I find it impossible to quantify exactly how that influence manifests. Which feels appropriate, somehow.

If you’re any kind of Gibson fan, you should seek this book out. It features interviews right through his career; quite apart from my 1999 piece there are contributions from such luminaries as Cory Doctorow, Timothy Leary, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Charlie Jane Anders… even my old mucker Andy Diggle has a couple of pieces in there, which was something of a surprise when I opened it up.

CONVERSATIONS WITH WILLIAM GIBSON goes on sale today, and the ISBN is 9781628460155.


UMBRAL #5: The Myth of History goes on sale this week.

If you’ve been patiently waiting for some answers, trusting we’d explain things eventually, well —

(You thought I was going to say “sucks to be you!” and laugh, didn’t you? Heh.)

— Well, then you’re in luck, because this issue contains lots of answers, history, and mythology, courtesy of the “bastard Yuilangan baby-eater” himself, Profoss Munty.

I won’t pretend it answers every question you’ll have — that would kind of ruin the story, after all! — but it’s a good start, with plenty to chew on.

Also, Chris/Jordan’s art in the “fairy tale” section is amazing. Seriously, just wait till you see it.

The order code for issue #5 is JAN140620, and you can read a five-page preview here.


Bumper week this Wednesday, with three new releases:

First up is THE FUSE #2, continuing the first case and story arc, ‘The Russia Shift’.

The reception to THE FUSE #1 has been amazing, far beyond what any of us expected.

So we’ve gone back to print on issue #1, and we’re overprinting two thousand copies of issue #2. Once again, if your retailer is sold out, please tell them to re-order with confidence. We’re doing everything we can to ensure anyone who wants a copy can get one.

You can read a preview of the issue on the book’s Tumblr, and the order code is JAN140590.

Next up is WASTELAND #52, ‘The Virus of Life’, which is our final one-shot interlude issue.

And because it’s the last one, it’s not like previous interludes. Instead of taking us to somewhere else from the past of WASTELAND, this issue instead looks to the future; following the branching paths of life to see just what happened to all the people whose lives Michael and Abi touched.

This issue also sees the return of my friend, collaborator, and co-creator Chris Mitten to WASTELAND, to finish us out right through till issue #60. It’s going to be awesome.

You can read a six-page preview of the issue on Tumblr, and the order code is DEC131232.

Finally, we have WASTELAND BOOK 09: A Thousand Lies, which is the final Newbegin arc of our epic story (and the final WASTELAND issues illustrated by Justin Greenwood, artist and co-creator of THE FUSE):

The beginning of the end! Marcus has long dreamed that “everything ends in fire,” but even he didn’t expect this! As the city prepares to face his mysterious father, a cabal of his closest advisors plots to assassinate Marcus… but the Lord Founder has a few secrets of his own, and their revelation will bring the city to its knees!

The comic store order code for Book 09 is NOV131167, and the ISBN is 978-1620101186.

All of the above books are of course available from any comic store, and the WASTELAND collection is also available from better book stores. Digital readers can find everything on Comixology.


UMBRAL #4: And Black Waters Remain goes on sale this week.

I think it’s safe to say this is my favourite cover so far; say hello to Black Rojyr, pirate ghost and scourge of the underworld.

In this issue, with Dalone down and out, Rascal and Shayim are trapped in the Umbral, and Black Rojyr isn’t the only apparition interested in what Rascal’s got up her sleeve… or rather, in her tunic.

The order code for issue #4 is DEC130601, and you can read a five-page preview on tumblr.

As always, digital readers can buy UMBRAL from Comixology (where you can also Subscribe to the series), or you can get it DRM-free directly from Image Comics. You can also follow our Twitter account for all the latest updates.

And if you’re “tradewaiting” the series, rejoice! Because UMBRAL Book One: Out of the Shadows is now available for pre-order.

Now, we want as many people as possible to read this book, so we’ve gone a little crazy. It will feature all of the first six issues, including the extra-long #1 and Chris’ amazing covers, making it a one hundred and sixty-eight page volume… all for the rather silly cover price of $9.99.

The ISBN (for bookstores) is 978-1607069843, the Diamond order code (for comic stores) is MAR140551, and it will go on sale May 28. Enjoy.


THE FUSE #1 goes on sale this week. This is my new sci-fi/crime series, co-created with my “other” WASTELAND collaborator Justin Greenwood, and published by Image Comics.

If you missed me talking about THE FUSE before, you can read a trailer here, which will give you a quick feel for the series. We’ve also posted a preview of #1 on the book’s official Tumblr.

Here’s the solicitation for the first issue:



Working homicide 22,000 miles up on an orbiting energy platform, in a five-mile-long jury-rigged steel city stuffed with a half million people, with no help from your so-called colleagues back on Earth, is more than tough…it’s murder!

Cynical, foul-mouthed veteran ANTONY JOHNSTON (UMBRAL, Wasteland, Daredevil) gets partnered with fresh-faced idealist JUSTIN GREENWOOD (Wasteland, Resurrection) for a new crime series with attitude!

As you might expect, there’s loads more info and sneak peeks on Tumblr, and updates for everything on Twitter.

(And a quick note for retailers: we’ve taken the relatively-unusual-these-days step of overprinting issue #1, so there are plenty of copies available for reorder. We do not intend to quickly sell out and go back to print, because we want to help you get copies in your customers’ hands as quickly as possible. So please, reorder with confidence.)

Finally, Justin will be making two in-store signing appearances on Wednesday to celebrate the launch. If you live around the Bay Area, check his blog for details.

Justin and I will also both be appearing at Emerald City Comic Con in March. I’ll post details about that closer to the time.


UMBRAL #3 goes on sale this week. Look at that cover! You won’t be able to miss it.

‘Blood From a Stone’ finds Rascal and Dalone caught in the smugglers’ caves, hoping for some respite — but there’s not much chance of that, especially when they encounter Shayim

The order code for issue #3 is NOV130529, and you can read a six-page preview on tumblr.

As always, digital readers can buy UMBRAL from Comixology (where you can also Subscribe to the series), or you can get it DRM-free directly from Image Comics.

Social media types can follow the book on tumblr and twitter, for all the latest updates (such as this rather charming sneak peek at the new issue).

By the way: the response to #2 was just as awesome as #1, and some readers have even declared UMBRAL their favourite new series. Which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is also awesome.

But we also heard from some readers whose stores sold out of UMBRAL #2 before they could buy a copy. Not so awesome.

Now, if that happened with issue #1, you simply had to wait for the second printing. But with issue #2 we deliberately printed enough so that stores could order more copies if they sold out, and they still can. We’re doing the same for #3, too.

So if you miss out, don’t be afraid to ask your store to order a copy for you. The order code for issue #2 is OCT130630, and once again, #3 is NOV130529.


Hot on the heels of UMBRAL #2, WASTELAND #51 will also go on sale this week.

‘Thy Kingdom Gone’ is the final Newbegin issue of the series. Really, truly; everything comes to a head right here, and we finally discover the secret Marcus has been hiding for so long.

Here’s the solicit text:

THE END OF NEWBEGIN IS HERE! The final battle is over, and it is left to the survivors to pick up the pieces. Can Newbegin, the city founded as a new beginning, now itself begin anew? Or are its streets too rotten, too cursed, to be worth saving? One man thinks it’s worth the effort… but not without some big changes.

And you can read a preview on Oni’s tumblr.

WASTELAND #51 is available from all good comic stores, with the order code OCT131261. Digital readers can, as always, buy it from Comixology.


UMBRAL #2 goes on sale at all good comic stores this week.

The response from readers and critics to the first issue was amazing, almost overwhelming.

I even heard from at least two retailers who not only sold out within 48 hrs, but also noted that every customer who read it added the series to their subscription pull list. That’s pretty awesome.

It’s also why, after issue #1 sold out, we immediately went back to press. That 2nd printing, with Chris Mitten’s alternate cover seen here, goes on sale simultaneously with issue #2.

Here’s the solicitation for #2:


The nightmare creatures called Umbral are invading, and only the young thief Rascal knows it! But in this world, where magic and religion are outlawed, does anyone believe her? And is the mysterious hobo Dalone an ally… or a deadly enemy?!

Issue #2 will also feature our first letters column, which we’re hoping to run in every issue. So don’t be shy, write to and tell us your thoughts. Maybe even about the comic.

You can read a five-page preview of the issue on Tumblr.

As always, digital readers can buy UMBRAL from Comixology (where you can also Subscribe to the series), or you can get it DRM-free directly from Image Comics.

And if you’re into social media, you can follow UMBRAL on tumblr and twitter, where you’ll find lots of news, links, and sneak peeks of upcoming issues (we just posted the rather flippant cover and solicit for issue #5, for example).


WASTELAND #50 goes on sale this week.

‘Burning Inside’ is the penultimate issue of the final Newbegin arc, wherein deceptions are exposed, secrets revealed, and the very survival of the city is at stake…

The streets of the Artisian district run red with blood, as the branded man’s quest comes to an end. All shall be judged… and many found wanting. Who will survive? Is there any mercy in Marcus’ mysterious father? And just how is one noble in particular going to escape the city…?

As always, WASTELAND #50 is available from comic stores everywhere (the order code is SEP131253) and digital readers can find it at Comixology.


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