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WASTELAND #57 goes on sale this week.

‘Ash & Debris’ continues the book’s final story arc with a major episode, as the Big Wet draws ever closer:

THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT! A hundred years ago, the Big Wet destroyed civilization. Now, at last, the truth can be revealed, as an ancient power awakes to remind mankind of its weakness… and to take back the Children!

Regular readers may also have noticed that there was no new song for the WASTELAND Official Soundtrack at the start of this story arc. My fault entirely; my workload was a bit crazy, and I was focusing on scripting the very final issues of the series.

But with issue #60 now finished, I’ve taken some time to record the penultimate song, and “Time is Short” will be available from on Wednesday. EDIT: It’s now available.

(Yes, penultimate. There’ll be one more track to close out the series, working title “Fire”, and it’ll be available when we publish issue #60 early next year. We’ll then compile everything into a proper CD-like download.)

As for WASTELAND #57, you can read a preview at Comic Book Resources, and it’ll be available from comic stores with the order code JUL141346. Digital readers can find it at Comixology.


WASTELAND #56 goes on sale this week.

‘The Cry of Mankind’ continues the book’s final story arc, as the countdown to the Big Wet continues, and the scream of a hundred children is heard around the world:

As the last-ever WASTELAND story arc continues, Michael, Abi, and Thomas learn more about the past, their father… and even the inhuman truth about Sand-Eaters! The world speeds toward disaster, and an ancient power is awakened!

You can read a preview of the issue at Comic Book Resources.

WASTELAND #56 is available from all good comic stores, with the order code MAY141503. As always, digital readers can find it at Comixology.


WASTELAND #55 goes on sale this week.

‘Blood of Eden’ continues the book’s final story arc, revealing more secrets about the origin of the Children… and their father.

Michael, Abi, and Thomas continue to discover the truth about the world before the Big Wet — a world on the brink of disaster! Will the arctic team’s discovery help them save the world… or bring about their doom?

You can read a preview of the issue at Comic Book Resources.

WASTELAND #55 is available from all good comic stores, with the order code APR141290. As always, digital readers can find it at Comixology.


WASTELAND #54 goes on sale this week.

‘Ice Cold Man’ is the second part of our final story arc, in which Michael, Abi, and Thomas venture into the dark underground of A-Ree-Yass-I to finally uncover the truth about The Big Wet.

Michael, Abi, and Thomas explore the mysterious shaft — and find more than they could have ever expected! Unearthing the secrets of A-Ree-Yass-I will take everything they have, but at last the truth will be found… and the story of The Big Wet can be told!

You can read a preview of the issue at Comic Book Resources, and while you’re there, you may want to read an extensive interview with Chris and I about ending the series.

WASTELAND #54 is available from all good comic stores, with the order code FEB141361. Digital readers can, as always, buy it from Comixology.


WASTELAND #53 goes on sale this week.

‘Breath of Ghosts’ is the first part of the final WASTELAND story arc, and sees the return of Chris Mitten to monthly duties.

It’s the ultimate adventure for Michael and Abi, in every sense of the word. From here it’s full steam ahead to issue #59, before we close out the series with the issue #60 epilogue.

CHRISTOPHER MITTEN RETURNS to draw the concluding story arc of this truly epic saga! Michael, Abi, and Thomas have found The Golden Sea, just as the Oracle predicted. But will it lead them to A-Ree-Yass-I? And if it does, what will they find? Questions will be answered, secrets revealed… and not everyone will get out alive!

You can read a preview of the issue on Comic Book Resources.

WASTELAND #53 is available from all good comic stores, with the order code JAN141262. Digital readers can, as always, buy it from Comixology.


Bumper week this Wednesday, with three new releases:

First up is THE FUSE #2, continuing the first case and story arc, ‘The Russia Shift’.

The reception to THE FUSE #1 has been amazing, far beyond what any of us expected.

So we’ve gone back to print on issue #1, and we’re overprinting two thousand copies of issue #2. Once again, if your retailer is sold out, please tell them to re-order with confidence. We’re doing everything we can to ensure anyone who wants a copy can get one.

You can read a preview of the issue on the book’s Tumblr, and the order code is JAN140590.

Next up is WASTELAND #52, ‘The Virus of Life’, which is our final one-shot interlude issue.

And because it’s the last one, it’s not like previous interludes. Instead of taking us to somewhere else from the past of WASTELAND, this issue instead looks to the future; following the branching paths of life to see just what happened to all the people whose lives Michael and Abi touched.

This issue also sees the return of my friend, collaborator, and co-creator Chris Mitten to WASTELAND, to finish us out right through till issue #60. It’s going to be awesome.

You can read a six-page preview of the issue on Tumblr, and the order code is DEC131232.

Finally, we have WASTELAND BOOK 09: A Thousand Lies, which is the final Newbegin arc of our epic story (and the final WASTELAND issues illustrated by Justin Greenwood, artist and co-creator of THE FUSE):

The beginning of the end! Marcus has long dreamed that “everything ends in fire,” but even he didn’t expect this! As the city prepares to face his mysterious father, a cabal of his closest advisors plots to assassinate Marcus… but the Lord Founder has a few secrets of his own, and their revelation will bring the city to its knees!

The comic store order code for Book 09 is NOV131167, and the ISBN is 978-1620101186.

All of the above books are of course available from any comic store, and the WASTELAND collection is also available from better book stores. Digital readers can find everything on Comixology.


So I mentioned here a while back that we overprinted THE FUSE #1, to ensure any reader who wanted a copy could get hold of it.

If you follow me on Tumblr, you also know that we sold out of those extra copies within a week. Which was pretty crazy, and probably meant there were still readers out there who weren’t able to get a copy.

So if that’s you, don’t despair; we’ve decided to go back to press for a 2nd printing of THE FUSE #1 after all. It’ll go on sale April 2nd, and you can pre-order your copy by giving your retailer the order code JAN148309.

Before then, I’ll be appearing at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle. My first time in the Pacific north-west (which is kind of crazy, considering how many of my friends and colleagues are based there, not to mention my love of grunge-era Seattle metal bands…) and I’m looking forward to finally getting there a great deal.

I’ll be sharing a spot in artist’s alley with my FUSE co-creator Justin Greenwood, at Table F-07, and I’ve also been invited on to a writer’s panel. More details on that closer to the time.

If you can’t wait that long to hear me gab on about comics, you can listen to Issue #30 of the Comic Corner podcast, on which I was a guest and rambled at length about things like the recent explosion of sci-fi comics, why I write female protagonists, my theory on the fantasy genre in comics, and more. It’s a good one.

Finally, WASTELAND #52 went to press recently, which necessitated writing the last ever Walking the Dust.

It’s fair to say I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so emotional as it turned out for me, but I guess when you’ve been writing a single character for 8 years — even if only for 800 words at a time! — you form an attachment. I’ll miss Ankya, and her intrepid travels.


Hot on the heels of UMBRAL #2, WASTELAND #51 will also go on sale this week.

‘Thy Kingdom Gone’ is the final Newbegin issue of the series. Really, truly; everything comes to a head right here, and we finally discover the secret Marcus has been hiding for so long.

Here’s the solicit text:

THE END OF NEWBEGIN IS HERE! The final battle is over, and it is left to the survivors to pick up the pieces. Can Newbegin, the city founded as a new beginning, now itself begin anew? Or are its streets too rotten, too cursed, to be worth saving? One man thinks it’s worth the effort… but not without some big changes.

And you can read a preview on Oni’s tumblr.

WASTELAND #51 is available from all good comic stores, with the order code OCT131261. Digital readers can, as always, buy it from Comixology.


WASTELAND #50 goes on sale this week.

‘Burning Inside’ is the penultimate issue of the final Newbegin arc, wherein deceptions are exposed, secrets revealed, and the very survival of the city is at stake…

The streets of the Artisian district run red with blood, as the branded man’s quest comes to an end. All shall be judged… and many found wanting. Who will survive? Is there any mercy in Marcus’ mysterious father? And just how is one noble in particular going to escape the city…?

As always, WASTELAND #50 is available from comic stores everywhere (the order code is SEP131253) and digital readers can find it at Comixology.


Time for a WASTELAND news round-up…

Artist News

During the Oni Press panel at New York Comic Con last week, we announced two big pieces of news regarding WASTELAND artists.

First, the legendary Sam Kieth will draw issue #52, our last-ever ‘interlude’ issue! You may know Sam from having created a couple of small indie titles, SANDMAN and THE MAXX… (!) I’m geeking out over having Sam work on WASTELAND, frankly. It’s amazing.

Also amazing, as you no doubt already know, is the inimitable Christopher Mitten, the man who created WASTELAND (and the upcoming UMBRAL) with me. Well, UMBRAL isn’t all we’ve been working on together recently, because…

Chris is returning to WASTELAND to draw the final story arc!

He’ll continue to supply covers, too, never fear. We’ve actually been planning this for some time, so I’m very happy we can finally tell the world. Chris has already begun work on these issues, and I can’t wait for you all to see them.

On Sale

Issue #49 is now on sale. This is ‘Forever Failure’, as the final Newbegin story arc continues, people die, secrets are revealed, and even now, new alliances are forged.

As Marcus retreats to the safety of council chambers, the branded man wades through the Disciples trying to stop him, led by Jakob! Can anything slow him down? Will Jakob survive staging this defense? And when Marcus and his father finally meet… who will prevail?

The order code for this issue is AUG131392, available from comic stores everywhere and digitally through Comixology. Don’t forget you can now Subscribe at Comixology, too.

Also released today is the much-anticipated Apocalyptic Edition, Volume 3, the latest in our series of gorgeous hardback collections.

Michael and Abi have left the city of Newbegin to the mercy of the Sunners and their rebellion, but they won’t find themselves welcome in the next town they stumble into. Reprinting issues #26-#39 of Wasteland, this second volume also includes the fan-favorite “Walking the Dust” stories and features a color art gallery of covers by Ben Templesmith and Christopher Mitten!

The order code for that is MAY131219, and of course it’s also available from comic stores everywhere, and from better book stores too.


There’s still just about time to pre-order Issue #50, the penultimate issue of this story arc, titled ‘Burning Inside’ (order code SEP131253).

And while you’re about it, you can also pre-order issue #51, ‘Thy Kingdom Gone’, which is the last ever Newbegin issue. The end of an era, or the dawn of a new beginning…? Either way, The order code is OCT131261.

(Can I just say how amazing it is that we’ve even reached issue #50? When I first started WASTELAND, I wasn’t even sure it would last past issue #6. I had no idea if anyone else wanted to read the kind of bleak, epic post-apocalyptic story I’d always wanted to write, let alone enough people to sustain the series through to its end.

But there were, and are, and new readers continue to find it all the time. Because of them, seven (!) years on from our humble beginnings, WASTELAND is now reaching a milestone that not only eludes most indie comics, but frankly eludes most comics, period — even at the largest publishers.

That’s pretty incredible, and it’s all because of our loyal readers. Thank you.)

Finally, Book 09: A Thousand Lies is in next week’s edition of PREVIEWS.

This volume actually collects the final Newbegin story arc — yes, the one we’re still publishing right now! — so you already know what’s going on in it. Apart from the end. Because we haven’t published those issues yet.

Man, comics can be confusing.

Anyway, the order code for this collection is NOV131167. Go forth and pre-order.


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