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THE FUSE #8 goes on sale this week, continuing the new story arc, ‘Gridlock’.

Turns out the gridlocker’s death was no accident, and Klem for one is shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you, to discover this is a murder case. But it won’t stop her going over The Wall, or even down into Smacktown, to find the killer!

This is where the case begins to hot up, as Klem and Ralph chase down suspects and try to figure out what the hell their victim was doing when she was murdered. It’s pretty intense.

We also have part 2 of the backup thriller TABLOID, and all the usual letter column shenanigans.

THE FUSE #8 is available from all good comics stores with the order code OCT140739, or you can get it digitally from Comixology and Image Comics. If you want a sneak peek, there’s a seven-page preview to read on Tumblr.


UMBRAL #11, ‘In Nobody We Trust’, goes on sale this week.

Only Rascal can save… Shayim and Munty?! But not before she decides it’s time for a pretty drastic change. And that’s not even mentioning what she sees in the blade, or who follows her into the woods. It’s time to stand and fight!

We’re on the home stretch of Book Two, ‘The Dark Path’, with this issue. In fact, this is the penultimate issue of the story arc, and there are big changes and revelations in store for everyone.

There’s a six-page preview on tumblr to whet your appetite.

UMBRAL #11 is available from all good comics stores with the order code SEP140759, or you can buy it digitally from Comixology and Image Comics.


This weekend is the Thought Bubble Festival convention in Leeds, and as usual I’ll be there.

You can find me at Table 32 in New Dock Hall, on the back wall between Rufus Dayglo and Ian Edginton & Disraeli. Just look for the white banner, with my name in big red letters.

I’ll be there all weekend, except for when I’m appearing on the ‘I is for Innovation’ panel of Image writers, Saturday at 3.30pm. That’s in the Royal Armouries theatre, and you can find details of all the panels here.

I’m also DJing once again at the legendary mid-convention party, this year being held at Leeds Town Hall, along with usual spinning suspects Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Al Ewing, Boo Cook, and others. But I’m kicking things off this year, so put on your dancing shoes and prepare to get down.


THE FUSE #7 goes on sale this week, beginning Volume 2, and a new case for the Midway City Homicide division — ‘Gridlock’!


They call it Gridlocking — maglev-bike races across the Fuse’s vast solar arrays. Fast, dangerous, and very illegal. When a gridlocker turns up dead, Klem and Ralph begin their own race to catch a killer!

PLUS: Bonus backup strip ‘Tabloid’ starts this issue!

That backup strip is a new six-part thriller by young bucks Ian Mayor and Mack Chater, exploring the dangerous life of a Fuse journalist chasing the big stories. ‘Tabloid’ will run throughout Vol 2, alongside ‘Gridlock’.

And the gorgeous variant cover seen here is by the rather awesome Jenny Frison, of REVIVAL and RED SONJA fame. We love it.

THE FUSE #7 is available from all good comics stores with the order code SEP140719 (regular) and SEP140720 (Frison). Or you can get it digitally from Comixology and Image Comics. And before all that, you can read a six-page preview on Tumblr.


Issue #10 of UMBRAL, ‘There, in the Gleaming…’ goes on sale this week.

Rascal gets in trouble. So what else is new?

…Well, the Mistwalker finally lives up to its name, Dalone finds something that shouldn’t exist in the darkness, and you won’t believe who’s in the cage. Stick that in your Oculus and smoke it.

This issue continues Book Two, ‘The Dark Path’, as Rascal and Dalone continue getting to know the Wodelings, and Rascal takes a shine to one of them in particular… just as everything starts to go wrong. Suffice to say, nobody comes out of this story arc unchanged.

UMBRAL #10 is available from all good comics stores with the order code AUG140688, or you can buy it digitally from Comixology and Image Comics.

You can also read a six-page preview on tumblr.


WASTELAND #58 goes on sale this week.

‘Killed by Death’ is the penultimate issue of our final story arc, as the world teeters on the brink of disaster, and the shadow of the Big Wet looms over humanity:

THE FINAL CONFLICT IS HERE! It’s the mother of all battles, to make it through the Big Wet! Who will survive, and what will be left of them?

(If you’ve been following this final arc, you’ll have noticed that the solicits have become more and more vague over time. If you’re actually reading the arc from month to month… well, I think you’ll understand why.)

WASTELAND #58 is available from comic stores with the order code AUG141587, and digital readers can find it at Comixology. You can read a six-page preview on Tumblr.


New York Comic-Con starts in a week, and I’ll be there, as (is rapidly becoming) usual.

I’m also doing a couple of pre-convention events, if you’re in the area. So here’s my itinerary for the week:


5-8pm: Signing at Escape Pod Comics in Huntington, on Long Island.

Part of Escape Pod’s Comictoberfest (née ‘New York Comic-Can’t’) event, which will also feature the likes of Becky Cloonan and Alex deCampi.


6-8pm: Image Comics signing at Forbidden Planet NYC.

This is the Image ‘Super Signing’ with a whole bunch of people, including Tim Seeley, Amy Reeder, Declan Shalvey, and lord knows who else. Big event.


“i” is for frIday, apparently:

12.15pm: Image Comics: I is for Infinite in Room 1A14.

A panel talking about creative freedom and suchlike, along with Kieron Gillen, Megan Levens, Scott Snyder, and more.

2-3pm: Image Comics signing at booth #1544.

This will be the first NYCC since I launched both THE FUSE and UMBRAL, so that should be interesting.

8pm-late: Image Comics / Multiversity / Hero Initiative Party.

Practically a New York tradition by now, held at Stitch on West 37th. Yes, you may buy me a drink. How kind.


Assuming I survive Friday.

12.30pm: Oni Press signing at booth #1928.

Signing WASTELAND, THE COLDEST CITY, and so on. Alas, neither Chris Mitten nor Justin Greenwood will be at the con this year. You’ll just have to make do with me.

3pm: Avatar Press signing at booth #1920.

Signing FASHION BEAST, THE HYPOTHETICAL LIZARD, YUGGOTH CREATURES, etc. I’m told this is going to clash with both Max Brooks and Garth Ennis, so be prepared to fight your way through the seething masses.

• And of course I’ll be propping up various bars, karaoke rooms, and what have you over the course of the weekend. Hope to see you there.


• You can bring absolutely anything (of mine!) for me to sign, no matter how old, and no matter whose booth I’m sitting at.

• Yes, I will happily sign your videogame box inlays, too.

• I do not charge for signatures. But I really appreciate it when you buy a book.

• There’s no maximum item restriction, but if you bring lots of stuff and there’s a long line behind you, I may ask you to split your pile in half and stand on line twice.


SHADOW OF MORDOR, the new action-adventure game set in JRR Tolkien’s Middle-Earth, is now on sale, and already garnering rave reviews.

If you’re the sort of person interested in this game, you already know what it is. So what I’ll tell you is that it absolutely lives up to its promise; from the moment I saw an early gameplay sample, I knew this would be a game that would shake things up — and that I wanted to work on.

And I can say how great it is without too much fear of bias, because while I did indeed work on the game, I was just one small part of a large team.

I worked on the ‘Nemesis system’, a major feature whereby enemies all have unique personalities, and the capability to remember their previous encounters with you. Suffice to say, if you get insulted by an Uruk before or after a fight — or even after they kill you! — there’s a good chance I wrote it. It was a lot of fun… and so is SHADOW OF MORDOR. Enjoy.


Last week, I was honoured to be invited on Comicosity’s The Hangout, a long-running video chat feature that’s played host to just about everyone who’s anyone in the industry in its time.

We were mostly talking about THE FUSE and UMBRAL, but — as anyone familiar with my podcast appearances over the years could probably guess — we wound up discussing a whole host of other topics, including my genre-hopping career, reactions to the recent discussions around feminism and representation (and why I write so many female lead characters), and more.

You can watch the whole thing on YouTube, via Google+, or you can download it from iTunes.


Issue #9 of UMBRAL, titled ‘Twisting the Knife’, goes on sale this week.

The Redguard are closing in, the Kin are on the trail, and the Wodelings aren’t letting their new prisoners out of their sight! But even a simple trip through the forest is anything but simple in the world of UMBRAL — as Rascal is about to find out!

This is the midpoint of Book Two, ‘The Dark Path’, as Rascal and her band of unlikely companions encounter the Wodelings in the mysterious Bulaswode, and Rascal begins to wonder just who she can trust…

UMBRAL #9 is available from all good comics stores with the order code JUL140585, or you can buy it digitally from Comixology and Image Comics.

You can also read a six-page preview on tumblr.


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