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WASTELAND #56 goes on sale this week.

‘The Cry of Mankind’ continues the book’s final story arc, as the countdown to the Big Wet continues, and the scream of a hundred children is heard around the world:

As the last-ever WASTELAND story arc continues, Michael, Abi, and Thomas learn more about the past, their father… and even the inhuman truth about Sand-Eaters! The world speeds toward disaster, and an ancient power is awakened!

You can read a preview of the issue at Comic Book Resources.

WASTELAND #56 is available from all good comic stores, with the order code MAY141503. As always, digital readers can find it at Comixology.


ACID BURNS, The short story I wrote for STARCRAFT II, is to be collected in a new anthology.

STARCRAFT II: WAR STORIES will collect all the SC2 ‘lore’ that ties in to the hugely popular Project Blackstone transmedia experiment.

I actually didn’t know anything about the transmedia stuff while I was writing the story; barely anyone did, as Blizzard kept it very close to their chests. But my editor there also led the Blackstone project, and liked the protagonist of ACID BURNS, Major Lee Treicher, enough to give her a recurring role in Project Blackstone itself. I presume her other appearances in the Blackstone lore will be included here, too.

STARCRAFT II: WAR STORIES goes on sale July 21, published by Simon & Schuster, with an ISBN of 9781416550914.

In the meantime, you can still read ACID BURNS for free online at the StarCraft II website.


THE FUSE #5 goes on sale this week, as ‘The Russia Shift’ races toward its conclusion:

Two hobos murdered in cold blood. Homeless living in maintenance ducts. A high-flying mayor with a scandalous secret. Unreliable witnesses, lying suspects, and nothing but the cold vacuum of space outside. All in a day’s work for MCPD Homicide… 22,000 miles straight up. Welcome to the Fuse.

This is the penultimate issue of this story arc, and Klem & Ralph’s first case together; next issue concludes this case, and in #7 we’ll begin a new one, called ‘Gridlock’.

You can read a preview of THE FUSE #5 on Tumblr, and the order code is APR140570.

Also, as we’re approaching the end of the first story arc, you won’t be surprised to hear that the first trade paperback collection, THE FUSE Vol 1: The Russia Shift, is now available to pre-order.

It’s 160pp for just $9.99, and will go on sale August 27. The comic store order code is JUN140504, and the ISBN for bookstores is 978-1632150080.


Observant readers may have noticed I’ve rearranged and tidied up a few things on this site over the past few weeks.

This includes the For Writers section, which now has separate pages for Articles, my Setup… and the Sample Scripts, which I know are perennially popular, despite being rather sparsely populated.

In an effort to remedy that, I’ve just uploaded the script to UMBRAL #1, which will hopefully be of interest to the young writers out there.

(Part of the reason I waited was to ensure I didn’t have to redact too much from the script. But still, if you haven’t yet read UMBRAL Book One, you might want to do so before diving into this script. Spoilers ahoy — and then some. I’ll probably upload the script for THE FUSE #1 after the first volume of that is published, for the same reason.)

Anyway. UMBRAL #1 is now available for all to read, so check out the sample scripts page, and enjoy.


WASTELAND #55 goes on sale this week.

‘Blood of Eden’ continues the book’s final story arc, revealing more secrets about the origin of the Children… and their father.

Michael, Abi, and Thomas continue to discover the truth about the world before the Big Wet — a world on the brink of disaster! Will the arctic team’s discovery help them save the world… or bring about their doom?

You can read a preview of the issue at Comic Book Resources.

WASTELAND #55 is available from all good comic stores, with the order code APR141290. As always, digital readers can find it at Comixology.


UMBRAL Book One: Out of the Shadows, collecting the first six issues, goes on sale this week. If you’ve been ‘tradewaiting’, wait no more; now you can finally read the first part of Rascal’s epic journey through the dark nightmare of UMBRAL.

And if you’re still on the fence, we’ve got an offer for you:

• UMBRAL #1 is now FREE! Yep, you can get the digital version of our first, extra-long issue from Comixology or the Image website for zero of your earth dollars. And it’ll be free right through until UMBRAL #7 goes on sale, in July.

For comic stores, the order code for UMBRAL BOOK ONE is MAR140551. For bookstores, the ISBN is 978-1607069843.

(NB Bookstores will receive their copies of the book a week or two after comic stores, but you can still pre-order a copy at your local bookstore.)
[ADDENDUM: Bookstores and Amazon now have their copies.]

As I mentioned previously, we’re now taking a short break to catch up with our production schedule. Book Two, ‘The Dark Path’, will start in July with UMBRAL #7, ‘Killing the Sunrise’.


THE FUSE #4 also goes on sale this week, as The Russia Shift hits high gear:

The bodies are starting to pile up. None of this case makes a lick of damn sense. Klem has a mysterious lunch date, and Ralph is starting to get ideas… ideas that will kill him faster than you can say, “On your knees, cop.”

I’m especially fond of this cover, by the way. A concept I’d had in mind since the start of the series, and it turned out even better than I hoped.

There’s a preview of the issue on tumblr, and the order code is MAR140574.


If things have worked out right, this entry should post right as I go on stage at the Dublin Writers Festival to talk about games writing, and especially how it relates to my comics work.

I won’t have slides at the talk or Q&A, so instead I’ve decided to put notes and links here. If you’ve come here from the Festival, this is what you’re looking for.

• First, if you’d no idea who I was before today — welcome to my site. My bio is here, and there’s a big list of all my comics and games work here.

• The talk I gave at the 2010 GDC Game Narrative Summit was called Comics to Consoles, and you can watch it here.

• The cursed three-act structure.

DIE HARD, for the youngsters in the audience.

THE LOSERS, for the oldies in the audience.

• The novel SEVEN ANCIENT WONDERS. Seriously, read that synopsis and tell me it doesn’t sound like a game plot.

• More on some of the narrative devices we tried out in ZOMBIU.

Finally, if there’s something else you want to know about and it isn’t covered here, you can get in touch via email or twitter.


WASTELAND #54 goes on sale this week.

‘Ice Cold Man’ is the second part of our final story arc, in which Michael, Abi, and Thomas venture into the dark underground of A-Ree-Yass-I to finally uncover the truth about The Big Wet.

Michael, Abi, and Thomas explore the mysterious shaft — and find more than they could have ever expected! Unearthing the secrets of A-Ree-Yass-I will take everything they have, but at last the truth will be found… and the story of The Big Wet can be told!

You can read a preview of the issue at Comic Book Resources, and while you’re there, you may want to read an extensive interview with Chris and I about ending the series.

WASTELAND #54 is available from all good comic stores, with the order code FEB141361. Digital readers can, as always, buy it from Comixology.


If you’re anywhere near Dublin, you’re probably already familiar with the excellent comic store THE BIG BANG, run by the ever-garrulous John Hendrick.

Well, now you can also familiarise yourself with me (if you’ll pardon the expression). I’ll be appearing and signing at The Big Bang on Friday May 16th from 6pm onwards.

We’ll also be giving away swanky exclusive THE FUSE posters (right) to celebrate the event, but I have no idea how many we’ll have, so be sure to get there on time to claim yours.

There’s a Facebook event page with more details, info, etc.

(And if you’re wondering where the beer in the headline comes in… well, come on. It’s Dublin. If there’s no beer involved, I’ll eat my flat cap.)


UMBRAL #6: Chasing Shadows goes on sale this week.

This is the final chapter of Book One, ‘Out of the Shadows’, as Rascal tries to escape the Redguard — and the clutches of the Umbral — once and for all, by fleeing the city of Strakhelm completely.

But where can she go, and who can she trust? Even her closest allies harbour secrets of their own…

Note that we’re taking a couple of months off after this issue, to put out the collection of Book One and catch up with our production schedule. Book Two, ‘The Dark Path’, will therefore start with UMBRAL #7 in July.

Meanwhile, the order code for issue #6 is FEB140640, and you can click here to read a six-page preview.


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