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Hot on the heels of UMBRAL #2, WASTELAND #51 will also go on sale this week.

‘Thy Kingdom Gone’ is the final Newbegin issue of the series. Really, truly; everything comes to a head right here, and we finally discover the secret Marcus has been hiding for so long.

Here’s the solicit text:

THE END OF NEWBEGIN IS HERE! The final battle is over, and it is left to the survivors to pick up the pieces. Can Newbegin, the city founded as a new beginning, now itself begin anew? Or are its streets too rotten, too cursed, to be worth saving? One man thinks it’s worth the effort… but not without some big changes.

And you can read a preview on Oni’s tumblr.

WASTELAND #51 is available from all good comic stores, with the order code OCT131261. Digital readers can, as always, buy it from Comixology.


UMBRAL #2 goes on sale at all good comic stores this week.

The response from readers and critics to the first issue was amazing, almost overwhelming.

I even heard from at least two retailers who not only sold out within 48 hrs, but also noted that every customer who read it added the series to their subscription pull list. That’s pretty awesome.

It’s also why, after issue #1 sold out, we immediately went back to press. That 2nd printing, with Chris Mitten’s alternate cover seen here, goes on sale simultaneously with issue #2.

Here’s the solicitation for #2:


The nightmare creatures called Umbral are invading, and only the young thief Rascal knows it! But in this world, where magic and religion are outlawed, does anyone believe her? And is the mysterious hobo Dalone an ally… or a deadly enemy?!

Issue #2 will also feature our first letters column, which we’re hoping to run in every issue. So don’t be shy, write to and tell us your thoughts. Maybe even about the comic.

You can read a five-page preview of the issue on Tumblr.

As always, digital readers can buy UMBRAL from Comixology (where you can also Subscribe to the series), or you can get it DRM-free directly from Image Comics.

And if you’re into social media, you can follow UMBRAL on tumblr and twitter, where you’ll find lots of news, links, and sneak peeks of upcoming issues (we just posted the rather flippant cover and solicit for issue #5, for example).


THE FUSE #1 is now available to pre-order. Stores have until December 18 to place their initial orders; that means means you have a couple of weeks to ask your store to order it for you.

(As you’re reading this direct on my site, I’m going to assume you know what pre-ordering is. If not, don’t worry; just pop over to THE FUSE’s tumblr, where I explain why pre-orders are so important in comics, and then give you all the same info and links.)

Here are the links you need:

- Download a PDF of the order form here, or click the image above to go to the tumblr post, where you’ll find all the relevant info and links, including the pre-order form.

- You can also read the book announcement from Image, and an interview with me about THE FUSE for their website;

- And there’s a trailer for THE FUSE at the book’s own site.

Finally, for sneak peeks, some art process, Writer’s Notes and whatnot, you should follow the official accounts for THE FUSE on Tumblr and on Twitter.


It’s that time of year again — the Thought Bubble Festival 2013 is already underway in Leeds, and this weekend will host its usual two-day convention.

Of course, the most important thing you need to know is that I’ll be DJing at the Saturday night party again. Make way for this train, ’cos it’s an express.

[EDIT: We all did quite short stints in the end, to fit everyone in. A playlist of my shameless floor-filling set is now up on YouTube.]

Apparently there’s also some comics thing going on?

  • On Sat 23rd at 3.50pm I’ll be appearing on the Image Comics Presents: Independence in the UK! panel.
  • Ming Doyle, Fiona Staples, Ales Kot, Brandon Graham, Richard Starkings, Image publisher Eric Stephenson and myself will talk about our work, creative freedom in comics, and all that jazz. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if a few surprise guests, nudge nudge turn up for that one, too. It’s in the Bury Theatre venue.

    Any other time, you can find me behind a table on the con floor; and yes, I will have copies of UMBRAL #1 with me. If you missed getting a copy before the first printing sold out, you can pick one up directly from me instead. I may even run a special offer of some kind…

    My table is in New Dock Hall, table 174. There’s a floorplan of the hall here, or just look for the banner with my name at the top in big red letters.

    (Or, look for the gang of rollergirls crowding round the lovely Gary Erskine, who’ll be sitting right next to me all weekend…)

    See you there!


    WASTELAND #50 goes on sale this week.

    ‘Burning Inside’ is the penultimate issue of the final Newbegin arc, wherein deceptions are exposed, secrets revealed, and the very survival of the city is at stake…

    The streets of the Artisian district run red with blood, as the branded man’s quest comes to an end. All shall be judged… and many found wanting. Who will survive? Is there any mercy in Marcus’ mysterious father? And just how is one noble in particular going to escape the city…?

    As always, WASTELAND #50 is available from comic stores everywhere (the order code is SEP131253) and digital readers can find it at Comixology.


    Image has today announced that UMBRAL #1 is “sold out at the distributor level.”

    Now, you hear that phrase a lot these days, and it makes some people panic. Don’t! Don’t panic!

    It simply means there are no more copies left at the distributor for them to send out to stores — but that doesn’t mean stores won’t have any copies left themselves.

    Because comics is so heavily focused on pre-orders, stores often order more copies than they ‘need’, hoping to sell those copies to people who may not go to the store every week. So if you haven’t picked up a copy yet, don’t despair — with any luck your store will have a copy to sell you.

    Aaaaaaand, if not, you still shouldn’t despair, because we’re going back to press. Chris is even planning to draw a funky new cover for the second printing. That new printing of UMBRAL #1 will go on sale at the same time as UMBRAL #2, on December 18.

    Part of the reason for this sell-out is because of the frankly overwhelming response we’ve had to UMBRAL. The reviews, fan reaction, and even fan mail (which you can send to have been amazing. You can read a selection of them on Tumblr, here and here.

    It’s kind of incredible, and on behalf of the whole team I want to thank everyone who read and enjoyed UMBRAL already. Come with us into the shadows…


    Today I announced my next new series from Image Comics, THE FUSE, which will launch in February.

    Once again I’m collaborating with a WASTELAND alumni, this time in the form of Justin Greenwood.

    Joining us is a double-team from another Image book, SHELTERED; Shari Chankhamma on colours, and Ed Brisson himself on letters.

    - Here’s the book announcement from Image;

    - Here’s an interview I did for the Image website;

    - And we’ve also made a trailer comic to introduce the series, and you can read it at the FUSE website.


    UMBRAL #1 goes on sale this week. This is the new dark fantasy series from me and my WASTELAND co-creator Chris Mitten, published by Image Comics.

    Here’s a link to the book trailer, which explains… well, not a lot, actually, but that’s kind of deliberate. It does, however, give you a really good idea of what you’re letting yourself in for.

    And here’s the solicitation for the first issue:


    A NEW DARK FANTASY FROM THE CREATORS OF WASTELAND! The young thief called Rascal witnesses a horrific crime against the royal family — now the world’s dark legends will be relived, and only Rascal even knows it’s happening!

    Master worldbuilder Antony Johnston (DEAD SPACE, DAREDEVIL) and his WASTELAND co-creator Christopher Mitten (BATMAN, CRIMINAL MACABRE) bring you a new fantasy world rich in mythology, history, and blood! Extra-long #1 for the regular price of $2.99!

    …So now you know. There’s loads more info at, including links to twitter and tumblr, which themselves contains loads of sneak peeks and links. There’s also a preview over at Comic Book Resources.

    [UPDATE: Digital readers can also buy UMBRAL from Comixology, or DRM-free directly from Image Comics.]

    And if you’d like to get a signed copy, you’re in luck:

  • If you’re around Chicago on Nov 13 (on-sale day), Chris is signing at Challengers Comics;

  • While on this side of the Atlantic, I’ll be in Leeds on Nov 23-24 to appear at Thought Bubble.

    As the day dawns twice, come with us into the shadows…


    National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo as it’s better known, is fast approaching.

    I’ve never taken part — by the time it took off worldwide, I’d already written a couple of novels — but I’ve always liked the idea of NaNoWriMo, for one very simple reason; it teaches you to finish. That’s something every writer worth their salt understands.

    But NaNoWriMo also has its critics, not least those who think rushing to meet an arbitrary word count only teaches you how to produce hacked-out dross.

    Well, I call poppycock, and this year I wrote a short piece in defence of NaNoWriMo, called Just Write. You might enjoy it.

    (If you’re more of a Tumblr type, you can also read it there.)


    Time for a WASTELAND news round-up…

    Artist News

    During the Oni Press panel at New York Comic Con last week, we announced two big pieces of news regarding WASTELAND artists.

    First, the legendary Sam Kieth will draw issue #52, our last-ever ‘interlude’ issue! You may know Sam from having created a couple of small indie titles, SANDMAN and THE MAXX… (!) I’m geeking out over having Sam work on WASTELAND, frankly. It’s amazing.

    Also amazing, as you no doubt already know, is the inimitable Christopher Mitten, the man who created WASTELAND (and the upcoming UMBRAL) with me. Well, UMBRAL isn’t all we’ve been working on together recently, because…

    Chris is returning to WASTELAND to draw the final story arc!

    He’ll continue to supply covers, too, never fear. We’ve actually been planning this for some time, so I’m very happy we can finally tell the world. Chris has already begun work on these issues, and I can’t wait for you all to see them.

    On Sale

    Issue #49 is now on sale. This is ‘Forever Failure’, as the final Newbegin story arc continues, people die, secrets are revealed, and even now, new alliances are forged.

    As Marcus retreats to the safety of council chambers, the branded man wades through the Disciples trying to stop him, led by Jakob! Can anything slow him down? Will Jakob survive staging this defense? And when Marcus and his father finally meet… who will prevail?

    The order code for this issue is AUG131392, available from comic stores everywhere and digitally through Comixology. Don’t forget you can now Subscribe at Comixology, too.

    Also released today is the much-anticipated Apocalyptic Edition, Volume 3, the latest in our series of gorgeous hardback collections.

    Michael and Abi have left the city of Newbegin to the mercy of the Sunners and their rebellion, but they won’t find themselves welcome in the next town they stumble into. Reprinting issues #26-#39 of Wasteland, this second volume also includes the fan-favorite “Walking the Dust” stories and features a color art gallery of covers by Ben Templesmith and Christopher Mitten!

    The order code for that is MAY131219, and of course it’s also available from comic stores everywhere, and from better book stores too.


    There’s still just about time to pre-order Issue #50, the penultimate issue of this story arc, titled ‘Burning Inside’ (order code SEP131253).

    And while you’re about it, you can also pre-order issue #51, ‘Thy Kingdom Gone’, which is the last ever Newbegin issue. The end of an era, or the dawn of a new beginning…? Either way, The order code is OCT131261.

    (Can I just say how amazing it is that we’ve even reached issue #50? When I first started WASTELAND, I wasn’t even sure it would last past issue #6. I had no idea if anyone else wanted to read the kind of bleak, epic post-apocalyptic story I’d always wanted to write, let alone enough people to sustain the series through to its end.

    But there were, and are, and new readers continue to find it all the time. Because of them, seven (!) years on from our humble beginnings, WASTELAND is now reaching a milestone that not only eludes most indie comics, but frankly eludes most comics, period — even at the largest publishers.

    That’s pretty incredible, and it’s all because of our loyal readers. Thank you.)

    Finally, Book 09: A Thousand Lies is in next week’s edition of PREVIEWS.

    This volume actually collects the final Newbegin story arc — yes, the one we’re still publishing right now! — so you already know what’s going on in it. Apart from the end. Because we haven’t published those issues yet.

    Man, comics can be confusing.

    Anyway, the order code for this collection is NOV131167. Go forth and pre-order.


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