Antony Johnston
Award-winning New York Times bestseller
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Antony's personal music project, ranging from synth electro to ambient, darkwave drone, industrial noise, and more

Listen to a sample track:


Ritualis Obscura

Released for Samhain 2021, a dark and sombre album of ghost whispers, blood-stained pianos, funeral bells, and neopagan ritual percussion.


Dead Channel
Music Inspired by William Gibson’s Neuromancer

Synth electro, techno ambient, and ’80s throwback. An unofficial soundtrack for William Gibson's seminal cyberpunk novel Neuromancer.



Extended hour-long versions of the opening tracks from Ritualis Obscura.


Shelter / Place

Music to help focus when working from home. Composed, recorded, and released for free during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020.



Dark ambient drone, punctuated by ritual chant.



Harsh ambient. Each track is inspired by a single melody line from one song of each album by an unnamed pop group.



Creepy drone.



Industrial doom noise blends with walls of guitar and harsh ambient.


edgeless: a sonic sleep experience

Repetitive drone with varying tempo to aid sleep and restful waking.

Ruin Runner
A nom de guerre adopted for the Wasteland soundtrack

Wasteland Original Soundtrack

Wasteland, Antony's epic post-apocalyptic graphic novel series, is as much inspired by music as literature. His love of all things gothic and doom runs throughout the series, from visual inspiration to lyric references within the text.

This soundtrack was composed, recorded, and released one song at a time during the series' eight-year run of publication, and completed simultaneously with its ending at issue #60.

Now available as a full album, and the perfect audio companion to the series, it boasts an atmospheric combination of doom metal, aggressive guitars, and desolate gothic electronica. The full album purchase also includes two bonus tracks and a PDF booklet.

Waves of Mercury
An indie rock/doom band from Minnesota. Antony contributes lyrics and works with lead singer David Richardson on vocal arrangements

Listen to a sample track:


As Seasons Fleet

A concept suite that moves through a reckoning of the seasons; a reminiscence and melancholia on nature, life, love, and death.

Dark Shores

Another concept EP, this time with semi-acoustic instrumentation and a meditation on loss and the redemption of selfless love.

Themes & Jingles

Antony also composes and records short pieces of music for use in various other projects.

These include the theme music to his podcasts Writing and Breathing, Thrash It Out, Unjustly Maligned, and the TL;DR gameshow; the book trailer music for Atomic Blonde/The Coldest City and The Coldest Winter; and, again for Thrash It Out, a full-length heavy metal song (complete with vocals!) to thank the show's Patreon supporters.